When a choice has been made by either the man or lady or both
  , at least one delegates of the potential man of the hour's family visit the likely lady's family. In organized relationships, the principal visit is only for the gatherings to get to know each other and does exclude a conventional proposition. Following the principal visit, both the man and lady express their opinion in whether they might want a development to this visit. When the two players are in arrangement, a proposition party (شادی کا پیام) is held at the lady of the hour's home, where the husband to be's folks and family elderly folks officially ask
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  the lady's folks for her hand in marriage.  In adoration relationships, the man straightforwardly proposes to the lady. When the wedding proposition is acknowledged, drinks and rewards are served. Contingent upon individual family customs, the lady to-be may likewise be given gifts like gems and an assortment of gifts. Some strict families may likewise discuss Surah Al-Fatihah. Paon Dhulai Paon Dhulai is a Sindhi wedding custom, where the lady of the hour's sibling washes the feet of both of the lady and husband to be. A few families denounce this custom as it is viewed as an affront to the group of the lady. Vacation The vacation, or Shab-I-Zifaf (شبِ زِفاف), alludes to the couples' first night together and it happens after the lady has gone out. Upon the arrival of the wedding, the couples' room is enlivened with blossoms. It is standard for roses or flower petals to be laid across the couples' bed and in some cases for wreaths or series of roses to be utilized as bed shades. The man of the hour's female family members lead the lady to the room and she is left for quite a while to anticipate the husband to be's appearance. Now it is normal for the lucky man to remain with his family members for some time. After the family members have left, the husband to be enters the room where the lady of the hour is pausing. Customarily the lady of the hour's cloak or head covering (dupatta or chador) is hung over so it covers her face (گھونگٹ). It is standard for the spouse to forget about the lady's shroud to uncover her face as one of the main things on that evening. It is additionally standard in certain families for the spouse to introduce his recently marry wife with a little badge of love. This is by and large a ring or a family legacy. Gifts It is standard for a lady and man of the hour to get wedding presents. Customarily, an envelope with money or gifts are given to the lady or lucky man when wedding visitors stay with them during the shaadi gathering. It is likewise standard for loved ones of the couple to welcome visitors over for supper and lunch after the shaadi to officially acknowledge them as a team. This can frequently bring about the initial not many long stretches of wedded life for the recently marries being spent facilitating further supper gatherings with the shaadi visitors.

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