Toto stores every one of your posts as text documents.
The motor is written in the Ruby programming language thus you can utilize Ruby all through your layout documents to add additional usefulness. Also, Toto functions admirably with Heroku, a Ruby cloud have, which makes organization particularly simple you can really get another blog fully operational in around 10 seconds. I'm truly amped ¬†toto makau up for this on the grounds that Toto is super difficult to style, alter and send, it's additionally solid and can deal with immense traffic loads. Before Toto, WordPress would be my best option assuming I needed to begin another blog. Presently, Toto has totally swapped WordPress for me. Need to fire up another blog for a venture? Snatch Toto, style several format records, convey on Heroku and it's live, prepared to deal with all that you toss at it. No playing with information bases, config documents and administrator boards. Peruse my in   It was a couple of days back I thought to move my blog from WordPress to a level document blog motor. Level record online journals are a lot quicker than any powerful sites and they are not difficult to oversee. One of my companions acquainted me with toto, a Ruby-based publishing content to a blog motor, which was of extraordinary interest to me. It was not difficult to utilize and is uncommonly intended to be utilized with Heroku, the Ruby cloud stage. It was not difficult to set up toto and distribute articles, which I examined in the initial segment of this article. In any case, porting from WordPress to toto was not as simple as I had expected, basically because of the URL construction of at present distributed articles, which was not upheld by toto jewel. Its URLs are likewise not founded on classifications or labels, so I chose to hack the toto library and add the missing provisions. In this article I will examine how we can tweak a toto format and motor to add greater usefulness, and ideally whenever you've perused this article, you'll have a thought regarding how toto functions. On the off chance that you don't care for coding, relax, avoid the segments of code and fork my custom toto referenced toward the finish of this article, and appreciate level document publishing content to a blog. As I have clarified the essentials of toto in my past post, I'm not going to go into that again here. In the event that you haven't read it, I would recommend you investigate proceeding.  

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